Custom Built PCs

Custom Built PCs


Here at STL Technology we can custom build a new PC to suit your needs or your

budget. We can also examine your current system to determine if it can be upgraded

and given a new lease on life.


We utilise a Just-In-Time ordering system, rather than keeping a lot of stock on hand.

While this means there is typically a short wait on delivery of parts and systems it ensures

that you get the best possible components at the latest prices. With the everchanging

nature of the I.T industry we constantly see price drops on parts as new models are being

released constantly. This means stock from a month ago can be significantly cheaper if

bought today, a saving we pass directly onto you.


All of our system quotes typically include a wide range of options, from processor speed and

memory upgrades to different monitor sizes. This gives you the flexibility to tailor a system to

suit yourself perfectly. It also makes it possible to see real benefits in spending that extra few dollars.

A classic example is memory. Often the price difference between a 1Gb and 2Gb RAM stick can be less

than the price of 2 1Gb sticks. In these cases we try to give you all the possible information you need to

make an informed choice.


Call or email us today with your requirement for a no obligation free quote.